POS / POP products

POP item like e.g. floor stand or End-Cap is perfect opportunity how to support your brand in the place where customer makes its final buying decisions. We produce unique POP products that will help you to enhance your sales.

We know what you need and we can deliver that.

Our product portfolio is very wide. We offer temporary and permanent, simple and complex, premium and economic POP products. Mostly made of cardboard, metal, plastic, wood. We can use as well glass, fine concrete, LED lights, clock-work parts, sensors, LCD screens etc.

We often produce:

  • Floor displays
  • Shop-in-shop solutions
  • End-Caps
  • Counter displays, Cosmetic trays
  • Pallet arrangements and Islands
  • shelf stoppers and shelf branding, wobblers, parasite displays
  • Illuminated signs for interior and exterior usage